Favorite Memories from the Youth of the WWHA

youth2Everybody has memories with their horses. From the first day you brought your horse home, or when your mare had her first foal.

We want to hear your stories! Send in your stories, and we’ll add them… What is your best memory? Tell us about friendships you made. Tell us about your first horse, or first blue ribbon…or any other accomplishment!

Here are stories from past youth of WWHA…

My first response was from Katie.

katiesparkyThe first horse Katie showed was named Sparky. Sparky was about five years old when Katie first showed him. Katie’s earliest memory was showing Sparky. This was the first time Katie showed all by herself and not leadline. Katie was only 6 years old. They were at the Fox Valley Show and they were showing in a two gait youth class. There was only one other horse in the class and Katie was still really excited when she got a second place!

The first horse Katie owned was High Class Gift, also known as Classy. Katie’s favorite memory was when Classy was born. Katie and her mom were at a 4-H activity in another county all day. They were driving all over town trying to find a pay phone so that they could call her dad to see how Winnie (his mom) was doing. She didn’t foal that day, but that night Katie’s mom asked her is she had turned off Winnie’s fan. Katie said no because Winnie was drenched in sweat because it was so hot out. Katie’s mom decided that they had better go out and check on her. When they got out there Winnie was already laying down and in labor. Katie said that that wasn’t the most FUN night of her life, but is was definitely special.

When Katie isn’t showing she enjoys trail riding with her horse. She is even taking dressage lessons!!

Moving on to the next response from Amanda.

The name of the first horse that I showed was Royal Heir’s Showoff. I think she was around fifteen years old. Our first show together was at Thompson Stables. We showed in a western youth two gait class. There was five or six horses in the class and I got a fifth place. I was really excited!! Besides my first show another early memory that I had showing was the first time I fell off in the show ring. It was my first three gait class. We had Princess all clean the night before and lots of people told us to use Show Sheen to make our horses look really clean. So we put Show Sheen all over Princess. Needless to say, my ride was a little slippery. I just got Princess into the canter when I started to lose my balance, and I just kept slipping and fell right off. I have to say though that the Elkhorn arena is the best place to fall off a horse. The sand is so soft!!!

My favorite memory was at the Jubilee. I was competing in the Trail Class. There were about ten people in the class. Princess and I did the pattern great. Some of the adults said I had first or second in the class and I didn’t believe them. So after everyone went through the pattern we had to wait until the next session started to find out the results. So right before the next session started everyone in the Trail Class went into center ring. They called off the results and I got a second place!! I beat all the adults because another youth got first, and everyone thinks we split youth and adults up so that the youth don’t have to compete against them. I guess they were wrong!!

Our last response was from Matt.

The name of his first horse was Mike’s Heigh I.Q. For short he called her I.Q. She was three years old when they first bought her from Thompson Stables. Before Matt was involved in the Walking horses he showed Miniature horses. He was about five years old when he showed them. Matt’s first memory of horses was when he rode Clancey around the house. Clancey was a Quarter horse.

Matt’s favorite memory showing horses was when he won his first blue ribbon. He was showing at the Jubilee in the Plantation Youth 11 & Under English Specialty class. Even though he was the only horse in the class he took a victory lap after he got his picture taken. You should have seen his face!!

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