High Point Awards Program

huebnersawardsWWHA members who show are encouraged to participate in our Year End High Point Awards Program. You must show at a minimum of three shows, the owner(s) of the horse must be WWHA members (and the rider for the youth division), and a point tally sheet must be submitted. There are categories for in-state and out-of-state shows, open and youth, and pleasure and versatility. There really is something for everyone!

New High Point Rules in 2016

This year we have created a new point program. Instead of year-end awards for individual classes – we’ve grouped some classes together into 28 CLASS CATEGORIES. We’ve also created some “rider” CLASS CATEGORIES as well. This means, while we only have 3 hosted WWHA shows – you’ll be able to collect points in MULTIPLE classes at a show that are part of a CLASS CATEGORY that will be added together towards that single year-end award. For example in the “Trail Pleasure No-Canter, English” CLASS CATEGORY – you can earn points in the TP Eng 2-gt class, the Gentleman’s Eng TP 2-gt class, the Ladies Eng TP 2-gt class and the Am Eng TP 2-gait class – all in one show. This enables us to align the WHOA and NWHA classes that are named slightly different, but are basically the same division/class.

While it may sound a bit confusing at first – we’ve demystified everything by creating a CLASS CATEGORY “cheat sheet” (see below) that itemizes the exact class numbers that are included from each show in a easy reference for you. If we affiliate other shows for WWHA point purposes – we will expand the cheat sheet to identify specific classes in those shows that you can also use to collect points towards WWHA year-end awards.

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE 2016 WWHA POINT RULE BOOK FOR FULL DETAILS AND ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA — here are a few key points that are new that you should know:

You must meet all ELIGIBILITY criteria of rule book Awards will be given for CLASS CATEGORIES (see Award Class Category List) You can collect points for awards in as many CLASS CATEGORIES as desired You must collect points in the CLASS CATEGORY from at least 2 of the 3 WWHA hosted shows You must collect points in at least 3 classes within a CLASS CATEGORY DOUBLE points can be earned for Championship classes at WWHA Jamboree and Memorial Showcase Special year-end awards are same as in past years and separate from CLASS CATEGORY awards

2016 High Point Award Rules
2016 High Point Class Category List
2016 Point Tally Sheet – Word or 2016 Point Tally Sheet – PDF

Past Awards:

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